When was the last time you got away?

Very few of us take enough time to focus on our spouse or on our marriage. Too often moms and dads are like ships passing in the night without connection or passion. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Catholic Couples Getaway may be one of the best and most meaningful ways to reconnect with your spouse and strengthen the foundation of your marriage and family. Life pulls you in too many directions, family life can be hectic and too often couples don't make time for their top priorities. We have designed the Getaway to help you put first things first - your marriage, your family, and your Catholic faith. 

The Getaway gives you the time, space, and structure to reconnect on what matters most. This extended weekend is meant for all married couples, no matter how long years married or where your family is at. You will come away from it refreshed, recharged, reunited, and ready for your life.

What To Expect

  • Fun with a great group of Catholic couples
  • Daily Mass and opportunities for confession or spiritual direction with amazing Catholic priests
  • Presentations and tools to help strengthen your marriage and family life
  • Time with Mike and Alicia
  • Lots of fun and relaxing time

What You'll Learn

  • How to strengthen your marriage and your faith
  • Spend time dreaming and planning together
  • Start the year empowered and united as a couple!

If you have been looking for something that is more than just a romantic vacation and want to strengthen your marriage and grow in your faith, then the Catholic Couples Getaway is for you!

It’s time to unplug from work, step back from the urgent demands of family life…because your marriage deserves it. You deserve it! You deserve a weekend away to pour into what you know matters most...a weekend to pour into your spouse, your marriage and your faith!

What people have to say

  • “The getaway gave us time to slow down and reconnect as husband and wife. Time to be fed and receive (instead of giving). Time to think about the future and the next stage of our marriage and family.’”

    - Nathan B
  • "It was a transformative weekend! I felt renewed to go back into the world to do God’s work at home."

    - Kim R
  • "I prayed that God would build that bridge, in the Eucharist, between my and my spouse’s heart...And He did."

    - Shannon S
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